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We made it simple to start receiving Pediatric Occupational or Speech Therapy at Kites Pediatrics.

Follow these three steps to get started:

1. Call us or fill out our online form to start the patient intake process

Let us know your concerns and we will reply with a few questions to determine your child’s therapeutic needs and get some basic information for our records.

2. Ask for a referral from your child’s doctor for Occupational or Speech Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

Call your pediatrician, ask them to: fax a referral for Occupational or Speech Therapy Evaluation and Treatment to

Kites Pediatrics Occupational Therapy.

3. Schedule your first visit

Once we receive the referral via fax from your doctor, we will contact you to set up a time for your child's evaluation.


Kites Pediatrics

1880 Lancaster Dr. NE

Suite 116

Salem, OR 97305

Phone: (503)-662-2091

Fax: (503)-308-6118


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