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Feeding Therapy

What is Feeding Therapy?

If your child exhibits selective eating, food or texture refusal, mealtime tantrums, reduced food or liquid intake, or swallowing problems , your child may benefit from feeding therapy. Feeding therapy is used to help infants and children who have difficulties sucking, chewing, feeding or swallowing. The earlier a child is in therapy to address these problems the better they will do.

Based on your child’s needs, our therapists will design a sensory-motor approach to working on addressing the underlying barriers to your child’s ability to eat an age-appropriate meal.

If you think your child may benefit from Feeding Therapy, please fill out our New Patient Registration Form to get registered in our system. We will discuss your concerns and your treatment options to help your child learn how to eat independently.

Goals of Feeding Therapy:

  • Decrease mealtime tantrums

  • Educate parents on feeding techniques

  • Improve the movement and coordination of the mouth

  • Improve the ability to chew and bite through food

  • Increase proper positioning for eating safely

  • Increase the acceptance of new foods and liquids

  • Improve sucking and/or drinking abilities

  • Recommend food temperature and texture changes for a safer swallow

  • Recommend liquid consistency changes for a safer swallow

  • Recommend compensatory strategies for a safer swallow

  • Recommend food temperature changes

  • Recommend products to improve feeding and swallowing skills

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